We have some exciting news this month as we announce that world renowned academic Dr Madan Thangavelu is coming to the Karma Centre in Kings Heath and Kerala Ayurveda Spa Clinic in Birmingham. Dr Madan is a Genome Biologist with a PHD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Cambridge as well as being General Secretary of the European Ayurveda Association. As well as holding multiple academic titles in various scientific fields, Dr Madan has worked with a number of international bodies related to Ayurveda, holistic therapy and natural remedies.

As part of his research into the benefits of Ayurveda we give a warm welcome to Dr Madan who will visit our practices this month. His research will encompass a number of different facets of Ayurveda as well as looking into why it has grown in popularity in Birmingham. Kerala Ayurveda Spa Clinic and the Karma Centre are both fortunate to be based in Birmingham, the city with the largest South Asian community in Europe. In recent years we have seen a boom in Ayurvedic clinics opening or at least those which offer Ayurveda-derived massages and therapies.

Dr Madan will look into why Ayurveda is so popular at our practices and what the effect of Ayurveda on the individual, community and society at whole is. Dr Madan will be working closely with our trained Ayurveda doctors at both our Sparkhill and Kings Heath practices to build up his understanding. We are proud to say Dr Madan has chosen our practices precisely because we are considered one of the most popular and well known Ayurveda clinics in the Midlands.

Thanks to Dr Madan’s studies we hope Ayurveda will gain a foothold in medical practices around the UK as well as gain more respect as a healing therapy. With more scientific studies and in depth analysis of Ayurveda we hope the public and media at large will realise its full potential. We believe this collaboration with Dr Madan will allow the Karma Centre and Kerala Ayurveda Spa Clinic in Birmingham reach a larger audience to promote Ayurveda.